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Alaska Ferry Winter Schedule is Forecasted to be Available the Third Week of September

August 19, 2019

The Alaska Marine Highway System is currently working to finalizing the 2019/2020 winter schedule. Now that the operating budget is in place, detailed vessel routes and schedules can be built.

Booking for winter travel should be available by the third week of September. Announcements will be made as soon as reservations are available for booking.

As the winter schedule is finalized, please keep in mind that AMHS funding for the fiscal year 2020 has been reduced by $43 million and the winter schedule is fiscally constrained. Additionally, recent refunds have reduced the AMHS budget by approximately $3 million. In recent weeks, AMHS received many comments about the schedule, and requests for additional service. AMHS will provide the best possible service to communities while maintaining regulatory and safety standards for vessels. The 31% budget reduction from previous fiscal years will limit the adjustments that can be made to the schedule.