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Lindblad Expedition boats the National Geographic Sea Bird, Sea Lion, Venture and Quest call at Petersburg frequently during the summer months. Here's a video from a guest experience call in "Alaska's Little Norway".

What makes Petersburg unique from other Alaskan towns?

Petersburg is a fishing town with respect for the nature and beauty of things like mountains, Norwegian rosemaling (tole-painting), laughter, the temperate rainforest, and the smiles and idiosyncrasies of a hardworking, proud people. Petersburg is Alaska sprinkled with a little bit of Norway and a big boatload of adventure.

What do most residents of Petersburg do for employment?

While most employment is connected to the commercial fishing and seafood processing industries, Petersburg has a wide range of professional employment opportunities for such a small community, including pilots, health care professionals (doctors, nurses, dentists), journalists, artists, accountants, wildlife/fisheries biologists, financial & insurance professionals, and land surveyors to name a few.

More people should know about Petersburg because…

They'll be charmed by the small town novelties of a working fishing village as much as they’ll enjoy exploring the spectacular landscape surrounding us.

What do you like most/least about living in Petersburg?

Visitors to Petersburg often insist I must have grown indifferent by now to the excitement of watching eagles flying out over the water or watching humpback whales bubble-net feed or catching a salmon for dinner. Frequent sights of icebergs or Orca passing by in the Wrangell Narrows or in Frederick sound are stunning. The honest answer is no. I love those things and it's captivating and inspiring every time. Enjoying these things, as part of my everyday, is what I like most.

What I like least is that I’m never driving in the car long enough to hear more than one song on the radio.

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