Meet Your Agent

Viking Travel is located in Petersburg, Alaska in the heart of the Inside Passage. Known as the “town that fish built” Petersburg is an island, home to roughly 3,000 residents. Our agents have all lived and traveled within Alaska and as such can offer unique and personal recommendations to our clients. We take pride in our community and state and feel lucky to get to share it with our visitors!

James Valentine, co-owner of Viking Travel, is a true Petersburg local. James grew up spending time between the towns of Petersburg and Skagway, Alaska. Growing up in southeast Alaska, James spent countless hours riding on the Alaska Marine Highway ferry system, traveling for sporting events. Upon graduating from high school James went to college in Anchorage, Alaska. During college James got the travel bug and has ticked an impressive 45+ countries off his list. His travels have allowed him to see the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World, and really sparked his love for tourism. James took 10 years away from Petersburg but returned in 2020 and fell back in love with the tight knit community of Petersburg. James is now a member of the Petersburg Chamber of Commerce, head coach of the Petersburg Vikings Wrestling team, track and field coach, and excited to continue to work to improve the community of Petersburg. He is always excited to answer questions about Alaska, and get you on the right track for planning your vacation.

Madeleine Valentine, co-owner of Viking Travel, has lived in Alaska since 2014. Originally from the prairies of Manitoba, Canada, Madeleine fell in love with Alaska while attending college on a gymnastics scholarship in Anchorage. Evidently, she also fell in love with James and his love for travel and adventure. Madeleine spent two seasons in Skagway working as a hiking and kayaking guide and traveling with James in the off season. She has nearly 25 countries under her belt, with hopes of reaching 30 countries by 30. Madeleine has lived in Petersburg since 2020. There is nothing better than a sunny, southeast Alaska day in Petersburg, but the community is what keeps this place magical year round. Madeleine runs a gymnastics program in Petersburg serving 60+ kids each session. Madeleine loves working with clients to ensure every detail of their trip is well thought out and well executed, sharing the magical state of Alaska with our visitors.

Kathleen Boggs began working for Viking Travel in 2007 when she moved to Petersburg from Arizona. Some of her favorite experiences in Alaska are kayaking in the LeConte glacier bay, flightseeing over Denali and bear viewing at Anan Bear Observatory. In 2019, Kathleen and her family moved back to her home state of Arizona where she continues to work for Viking Travel from her home-office and be an Alaskan tourist as often as possible. She is also a ballet instructor and enjoys spending her time off with her husband and two children (most weekends spent at kid’s sporting events). Since returning to the “lower-48”, they have taken many road trips through the Southwest, California, and Baja Mexico. Her most recent international travel was to Costa Rica, with Italy and Thailand high on her bucket list of destinations. Kathleen loves the puzzle that is putting together an Alaska vacation, and is always excited to hear from new clients.

Anne Volk has been working in the travel industry for over 30 years and has extensive knowledge in planning incredible and memorable vacations, all over the world. Alaska is Anne’s home and her specialty. She knows there are many ways to see Alaska, and it can be quite a task to figure it all out. She prides herself in being able to make the most of your time and money, by finding the best route determined by availability and schedules. Anne loves to travel within Alaska, the US and internationally whenever she can get the time! Anne loves to garden, trail walk, and enjoy the summer Alaskan sunsets on her patio. Whether it’s your dream of a lifetime trip or a family vacation Anne loves to plan and book travel!

Rufinia Hanson (Aka Fini) was born and raised here in Petersburg, Alaska. She has been with Viking Travel, since early 2007, and is familiar with everything Viking Travel has to offer. Fini has extensive experience with booking flights, both domestic and international, the Alaska Marine Highway, Alaska tour packages, and vehicle shipping. When she travels, she likes to play tourist and take in new sights and experiences. She often spends time in Washington visiting family with some favorite spots like the Great Wolf Lodge, the Woodland Park zoo, or taking in a much-needed beach day! When she is not at work, she can be found taking her daughter to Gymnastics, open swim, or some other community event taking place. In the short summer months here in Alaska, she spends as much time outside as possible. Your trip will be in good hands with the experience that Fini has to offer.

Melanie Gunn has been with Viking Travel since 2015. Melanie lived in Petersburg for a few years and now continues to work part time for Viking Travel remotely from Michigan. Melanie has visited many of Alaska’s beautiful regions, and loves hiking, both land and glaciers, and experiencing the abundant wildlife Alaska has to offer. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband and young children and planning future outdoor adventures together. Melanie likes to be able to offer first time visitors to Alaska the knowledge and expertise of someone who has lived and traveled in Alaska.

Maura Moyer was born and raised in Ketchikan, AK and then moved to Petersburg, AK in 2014. During her college years she traveled to places in Washington and Arizona to seek out a different place to call home, but she eventually made her way back to Petersburg. She has a love for the outdoors and the vast beauty of Alaska, so she couldn't stay away for long! She was a commercial fisherwoman for 8 years in Southeast and Central Alaska. While working hard and fishing in the summers, Maura was able to take a few months off in the fall/winters and go travel in places such as Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Japan, and Thailand to name a few. These off season adventures sparked her love for travel, leading her to decided to turn in her rain gear for a headset and put her travel expertise to use! In her free time, she enjoys exploring the outdoors in every season - fishing, hiking, berry picking, and kayaking in the summer, hunting and mushroom picking in the fall, and cross country skiing, snowshoeing and enjoying a good book with a hot cup a tea in the winter months.

Raised in Nome, Alaska, Devynn Johnson has always pursued her passion for travel and the outdoors. Her adventures have taken her to over 20 countries, from backpacking across Europe to exploring Asia and unwinding in Central America. Although Ireland and Italy have both called her back multiple times, Alaska will forever hold a special place in her heart. Devynn grew up subsistence fishing and berry picking, two of her favorite activities to this day. She dedicated time to working on rivers in Western Alaska with a research team to enhance local salmon habitats before relocating to Southeast Alaska in 2019. There, she spent several years as a commercial fisherman. With family scattered across the state, she cherishes visiting the various regions of Alaska. During her leisure time, Devynn, along with her partner Chris and their dog Ember, boat their way through Southeast Alaska chasing hot springs and fishing holes.