Shipping Vehicles to / from Alaska

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Viking Travel Inc. / | Petersburg, Alaska | Shipping Vehicles to / from Alaska

Are you moving or buying a vehicle in Washington or Alaska? No ferry available for the timeframe or ports you need? Cargo shipping your vehicle is the way to go. With twice-weekly departures between Tacoma and Anchorage, shipping your vehicle on a cargo vessel is your bridge to and from Alaska.

Transporting vehicles, cargo and more on these Orca class vessels couldn’t be easier. Each vessel is custom-built for Alaska’s extreme conditions and are skippered and crewed by some of the best marine shipping teams in the business.

With a 99% on-time arrival record, this cargo company leads the industry in quality and performance. Extreme care will be taken in handling your vehicle every step of the way, from drop off to pick-up, to ensure your vehicles are returned in the same condition received them. Insurance is also included in your rate.

Worried about your vehicle being out in the elements? With dedicated water tight vehicle spaces these vessels can transport up to 250 vehicles safely, completely protected from the salt water and the elements.

Are you nervous about the loading process? Each vehicle is treated with care using a roll-on/roll-off operation to load and unload your vehicles. No cranes or forklifts are used in the process.

Allow Viking Travel to help make your shipment as smooth as possible. If you need flights or hotel arrangements while you are waiting for your vehicle let us know and we’ll work with you to find the best options that fit your needs.

Large or small, new or used, when you ship with us your vehicles are in good hands. Call 800-327-2571 or submit an online quote request below.