Inter-Island Ferry

Daily, round-trip service between Hollis and Ketchikan gives you the chance to explore the beauty of Prince of Wales Island, but unfortunately not in one day. The Inter-Island Ferry originates in the morning at Hollis, on Prince of Wales Island for the three hour trip to Ketchikan. The return trip is from Ketchikan in mid-afternoon back to Hollis. It is recommended to bring your car or RV and either reserve accommodations or camp in an RV park or in a US Forest Service Cabin. Viking Travel can arrange rental cars and even camping equipment on the Island so you can explore on your own.

You can connect to Prince of Wales Island from the Alaska Ferry terminal in Ketchikan on routes from Bellingham, Washington or Prince Rupert, B.C., Canada. The Alaska Ferry also provides connecting service from Haines or Skagway Alaska on the Northern Panhandle of Alaska's Inside Passage.

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Photo by Tongass National Forest

Prince of Wales is the third largest island in the United States, and with over 2,000 miles of lush forests and coastal mountains there is a lot to explore! One of the highlights of Prince of Wales is the El Capitan cave with over 2 miles of passages, and it is just one out of the over 600 caves located in the area. Only available in the summer months, go on a guided tour with a US Forest Service employee up a steep 1,100' (335 m) stairway to the cave entrance. Reservations required at least two days in advance, and tour groups are limited to six people. Contact us for more details if you are interested in this once-in a lifetime experience.

Inter-Island Ferry Communities

The Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce features a summary of the communities on the Island and also produces an Island Guide every year.


Located on the west coast of Prince of Wales Island, it is a 32 mile drive from here to the ferry terminal in Hollis. As the largest town on the island with ocean access and lots of hiking opportunities, there is no shortage of possible adventures to be had.

Coffman Cove

Fishing enthusiasts will love this little hideaway. Close to Neck Lake outlet and Sweetwater Lake, there is also saltwater halibut fishing just a short distance from the dock. Coffman Cove is a 2-hour drive from the ferry terminal in Hollis, so unless prior arrangements are made it is necessary to arrive with a car.


Originally formed in 1911 when three Haida villages consolidated, the village of Hydaburg has approximately 400 residents that include many traditional Haida artists, carvers and weavers. Hydaburg is located 32 miles from the Hollis ferry terminal.


With fewer than 40 year-round residents, the Organized Village of Kasaan is truly a unique place to visit. The Kasaan Cultural Learning Center and Library is dedicated to promoting and revitalizing Haida Culture and Language, serving as a gathering and meeting place for the community. The Whale House, a site that includes a traditional longhouse and free-standing totem poles, is on the National Register of Historic Places. Kasaan is a 2-hour drive away from Hollis.


The site of the first cannery in Alaska, Klawock has over 20 restored totem poles as well as some new poles, making it one of the largest collections in Alaska. At the Tlingit heritage center and longhouse you can find locals carving, and the harbor is a popular departure point for boating trips to explore the bays, inlets, and surrounding islands.

Naukati Bay

Located 70miles northwest of Ketchikan, Naukati Bay is accessible by commuter plane or ferry, or a 50-mile drive away from Craig. Sportfishing, whale watching, hunting, sea kayaking, spelunking, hiking and more are all easily accessibly in this treasure of Prince of Wales Island. It is the site of Naukati Oyster Nursery, the only nursery of its kind in Alaska. And you don't want to miss the annual Skunk Cabbage Festival!

Thorne Bay

A scenic one-hour drive from the Hollis terminal, Thorne Bay's Sandy Beach and picnic area is a popular sunny-day retreat for the island's residents. While it was once the world's largest logging camp, the new economies of forestry, fishing and charters keep this town of approximately 400 people thriving.

The Beaver Falls Karst Trail on Prince of Wales Island is an ADA accessible trail provided so everyone can see the beauty of the karst world without even entering a cave. Interpretive signs are provided that describe the karst landscape.

Viking Travel Inc. / | Petersburg, Alaska | Inter-Island Ferry

Photo by Tongass National Forest

All rates are one-way, either Ketchikan to Hollis or reverse.

Rates may be subject to a fuel surcharge and are subject to change.

There are no round trip discounts.


Adults (age 12– 64) Driver goes free January through April 2016 $48.75
Senior (65 and over) $32.50
Child (age 2 – 11) $22.50
Under 2 Free


8' vehicle $50.00
9' vehicle $56.25
10' vehicle $62.50
11' vehicle $68.75
12' vehicle $75.00
13' vehicle $81.25
14' vehicle $87.50
15' vehicle $93.75
16' vehicle $100.00
17' vehicle $106.25
18' vehicle $112.50
19' vehicle $118.75
20' vehicle $125.00
21' vehicle $144.40
22' vehicle $151.25
23' vehicle $158.15
24' vehicle $165.00
25' vehicle $171.90
26' vehicle $195.00
27' vehicle $202.50
28' vehicle $225.00
29' vehicle $210.00
30' vehicle $217.50
31' vehicle $251.90
32' vehicle $260.00
33' vehicle $268.15
34' vehicle $276.25
35' vehicle $284.40
36' vehicle $460.00
37' vehicle $421.90
38' vehicle $315.00
39' vehicle $412.50
40' vehicle $403.15
41' vehicle $393.75
42' vehicle $384.40
43' vehicle $350.00
44' vehicle $341.25
45' vehicle $332.50
46' vehicle $323.75
47' vehicle $470.00
48' vehicle $500.00
49' vehicle $480.00
50' vehicle $490.00
51' vehicle $510.00
52' vehicle $520.00
53' vehicle $540.00
54' vehicle $550.00
55' vehicle $530.00

Vehicles over 55' can be accommodated, contact us for details.

* Alternate Means of Conveyance (Motorcycles, 4-wheelers, Inflatables, Kayaks, Canoes) (AMC) $3.75 per foot

A $25.00 CHANGE/REFUND FEE applies to changes after the ticket has been printed and/or to refunds requested within 7 days prior to travel. There is no fee for same day refunds, refunds requested more than 7 days prior to travel, or changes to tickets on voyages cancelled by the IFA. OPEN CREDITS must be used within 1 year of the purchase date or original date of sailing, OPEN CREDITS are transferable with authorization from purchaser.