Alaska RV Rentals

If you like the idea of taking an RV around Alaska but don’t own one yourself, this is the perfect way to get the live-aboard land cruising experience, with convenient rental locations.

Either ferry from Washington State to Whittier, Alaska or fly to Anchorage, Alaska, and rent an RV from there. Whether a full-size luxury RV or truck campers for a one-to-two-person trip, we have everything you need for a complete Alaskan vacation.

Viking Travel Inc. / | Petersburg, Alaska | Alaska RV Rentals

Our connections with reliable rental agencies provide locally owned service and have everything you need to create a personalized trip. With all-inclusive rate they are an economical way to hit the open road and have a great time. Ranging in size from mini-campers, 21 feet to 30 and 32-feet motor homes, they offer free roadside assistance and 24-hour troubleshooting, so you’ll never be without a helping hand on your trip.

Viking Travel Inc. / | Petersburg, Alaska | Alaska RV Rentals

Large or small, RV's are built to suit your family and budget

Viking Travel Inc. / | Petersburg, Alaska | Alaska RV Rentals

Day Trips

Alaska is a big place. It can be tempting to want to try to see it all! To get the most out of your time in Alaska, we encourage visitors to plan trips around activities they are passionate about, or locations they want to see, to help you have the trip of a lifetime.

Looking for ideas about where to go? Check out our Alaska Regions page and Ports for inspiration!

Here are just a few examples of the kinds of day trips you can take while you’re exploring Alaska:

Location Day Trip
Anchorage The Alaska Native Heritage Center
Seward Exit Glacier Hike or Kenai Fjords National Park Tour
Talkeetna Round-Denali Flightseeing
Denali Kantishna Wilderness Tour with lunch
Husky Homestead Dog sledding camp
River Rafting
Fairbanks Riverboat Discovery – Paddlewheel on the Chena River
Whittier Ferry to Cordova or Valdez
26 Glaciers day boat tour
McCarthy Kennicott Glacier Lodge