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Tustumena Returns to Service

August 15th, 2017

The Ferry System (AMHS) announced today that the M/V Tustumena has returned to service for communities in Southwest Alaska and the Aleutian chain.

The M/V Tustumena is one of seven ferries providing essential service in coastal and non-port communities. Individuals, businesses, and local governments rely on the ferry system to transport vehicles, cargo, and passengers. The boat will make three trips this season, with the first chain trip commencing on August 22.

The Tustumena went in for its scheduled annual overhaul on March 13th, and extensive steel damage was discovered in the engine room and other locations. The United States Coast Guard granted approval for the Tustumena’s safe return to service last week.

The Tustumena is 53-years-old. A replacement vessel has been designed, was funded in the fiscal year 2018 capital budget, and is expected to be in service within five years.

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